Friday, May 1, 2009

How amazing are these creations?

I came across this website recently how amazing are these creations at Tiny Concept ???  Her name is Tina and she too lives in Brisbane and handmakes all of her work and she is inspired by various fashions (check out her Dior inspired doll on her blog) and themes from movies (see below) .

My favourite movie of all time is Breakfast at Tiffany's and my favourite scene in the one below also, so I think I must be destined to own this doll?? I musn't, yes I must , no I musn't.... I am definately buying a little mermaid for my niece in Japan for her birthday in June as she would love it! You can purchase her beautiful creations here or check out her blog as it is a lovely read

ps Tina even does custom orders and recently she made a doll for someone using material from her wedding dress!! ha A little mini me of bride... too funny. I think I have some material from  my wedding dress leftover mmmmnnn. Shame little mimoo has taken to dipping all her teddies and dolls in her baked beans or weetbix as I would consider getting her one....


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