Sunday, May 17, 2009

mimoo went to the show

Sadly I was unable to meet up with the BrisStyle girls at our monthly meeting today as hubby is away and my mum has got this dreaded brissie cold/flu that is doing the rounds at the moment, so I (politely) asked her to stay well away as little mimoo has just got over her last sickness!! 

So instead I decided to join some friends who were visiting the Brookfield Show, which is a yearly event every May, which consists of kiddie rides, show games mixed in with a few animal demonstrations plus numerous equestrian events and cattle shows etc etc. Needless to say it is a really nice day for little ones as little mimoo rode a small pony and checked out the pigs and cows, and it is great to support a small community within Brisbane.


Mee a Bee said...

that sounds fantastic!!
Get well soon nana mimoo

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