Thursday, May 21, 2009

Poor little Brisbane

It has been raining for a few days straight here in Brisbane but thankfully today it has stopped for now, but one positive side, besides our lovely dams are getting full now,it is the comraderie shown in time of crisis from complete strangers. The above picture is of one man's working Ute being swallowed up by a flash flood in the outer skirts of Brisbane and another man driving past pulled over and swam in the creek to attached a rope to its back bar whilst the owner desperately tried to unload his tools onto land, then another half dozen passing men stopped to help and literally pull the Ute to safer ground!! How good is that??? 

In these current economic times a man and his ute and tools is literally his livelyhood and alot of the time to insure tools and work equipment is more expensive than the cost of them so alot of workmen do not bother, so for all these passing by men to stop and help is just lovely and makes me a bit teary...


thula thula designer said...

I just watch that rain and here is sun shine and it's warm, like a total role reversal. I hope your out of the flood zone. If it's not fires, it's floods, so unreal.

Marg said...

I've just returned from a QLD holiday to dry old Victoria. It seems wicked that we have no rain and you'r having so much it;s causing such chaos. Brilliant story though showing the better side of humanity - uplifting!

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