Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who doesn't love a High Tea?

Afternoon Tea, Namba, Osaka, Japan - nicest peppermint tea ever!!!

Yesterday I had a very rare outing to have some morning high tea with my mum and some of her friends. My mum is part of a group of women who have been meeting up once a month for almost 30 years, yes you heard it right - 30 years!!  Obviously not all of them can make every month but mum said most of them do, as it is either lunch or dinner and each month it is someone's turn to organise and invite all the others and all invites are to be sent by post! how great is that.  

These women are so nice and supportive of each other as one lady who made a speech yesterday said 'throughout the years, they have seen each others children born and grow, married, then become parents themselves, some have lost children, husbands, businesses and they send each other nice cards in tough times and sadly recently they said goodbye to one of the group who lost a battle with cancer so it is nice to know that they will all have each other when things get tough in times ahead'.  Yesterday was their annual mother daughter lunch and I am glad I got to go to it again this year as in the past mum had to go by herself for almost 10 years whilst I was in the UK.


Jetta's Nest said...

Oh my made me all teary to think of all that wonderful support this group of women have given each other over the years. What a wonderful legacy they're passing onto their daughters. As we get older, friendships really are so important, aren't they?

mimoo said...

yes, perhaps we can post about our 30 year BrisStyle meet up???? ha

bubbachenille said...

Yes it made me teary too, What a beautiful post, you are so lucky but your mum is particularly lucky.

Thea said...

That is wonderful! I have a group of crafty friends and we were meeting once a month religiously for 18 months barr the last 3 months: half of us got too busy and the other half mooved interstate. What is left of us is finally meeting up again in 2 weeks to meet one member's new baby. Your story has inspired me to keep everybody back on schedule.

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