Thursday, May 28, 2009

When I grow up...

photo borrowed form Tikiboo's blog
I wanted to be a fashion designer as I was always bugging my mum and nanna for old fabric scraps to make dresses for my dolls and I loved drawing and painting even well into my teens even taking on both art, drama and home economics as senior subjects at high school.  

For some strange reason upon graduating I studied accountancy/finance, worked for a stockbroker Brisbane's CBD and as soon as I gained my some credentials and experience I headed straight to London and worked for some big investment banks on their trading floor for almost 9 years and loved every single second it, until little mimoo came along and I was swiftly shown the (gold plated) door. For some silly reason, arrogant male traders seemed to object to screaming abuse at a heavily pregnant lady, geez it was not as though I would burst into tears at the slightest thing or have to run off to bin hidden under my desk to barf up every 2 secs in early pregnancy which made everyone think I had a drinking problem......;-)

The ironic part is that when I lived in London I lived near Portobello markets and quite often I would see these really cool girls who ran had a stall of custom made jeans and always wore really groovy clothes,were super tiny tiny, had australian accents and I thought I would love to do that.  They did not last long though and I wondered what happened to them, I soon found out though, as they turned that stall into a major Australian fashion house.... Sass and Bide. ha maybe mimoo could turn into the sass and bide for baby wares????

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carly_grace said...

males. sorry to hear that.

but hope everything goes well for you!

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