Sunday, May 24, 2009

rainy day projects and a helping hand

The weather this week has been beyond bad, but we are lucky that our street has suffered minimal damage as compared other parts of Brisbane. The rain had stopped this morning and it was semi sunny so mr mimoo and I quickly dragged out little mimoo for a bike ride before she developed 'seasonal affectve disorder/ SAD' symptoms. 

We live on the northside and there is a local fruit/veg market weekly at Northey St City Farm which is leased from the BBC for $1 a year as sadly it is in a flood prone area (see below what happened to them on Weds)

we rode down there this morning and to see the devastation first hand is awful so the entire 'farm' was under water and they have nothing really to salvage. The markets still went ahead as most stallholders do not grow their produce there but to get back up and running and rebuild will takes ages and they are looking for donations, so if you can help out just go over to their website above and you get the details there. The do so much great work within the community for very little profit or paid workers so it would be such a shame to lose it.

Yesterday whilst housebound I was cleaning out mimoo HQ and stumbled across some great scraps of fabric I had saved for a (literally) rainy day, which I put to good use to make little mimoo a belt (sewing a bit wonky but had troubles staying straight with the buckles in the way) The fabric is apples and pears in pink and green. so cute. I purchased it from here at funky fabrix.  Their fabric is so cute and really reasonably priced and I always receive it in super quick time.  Nice to support the little guys I say.


Mee a Bee said...

and oh what devastation, thoughts with them for the recovery.

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