Wednesday, May 6, 2009

mimoo inspiration

A few new items for the shop are coming along nicely but I am especially excited about some new baby blankets I am doing for the coming 'winter' months. I am going to be stocking some soft little flannel receiving/swaddling blankets and I have come across this a really cute flower print which was inspired by one of my favourite stores and UK designers. 

Cath Kidston UK. Some of you may know her as she is famous for some cabbage and roses fabric and some say she really started the whole shabby chic/retro explosion that hit the UK some years back.  I was lucky enough to live a few streets away in London from her flagship store in Clarendon Cross, Holland Park.  The store used to have the most beautiful Christmas window displays every year and I used to love going in there and checking  out their fabric wall and gorgeous furniture and pillows and dream that I did not live in a flat the size of a bathroom with smelly furniture and two of the devils spawn living next door...


Hot Fudge said...

Ooo ... how wonderful this shop looks. We are off overseas in August and I have marked it as a place to visit. Think I'll have to take some extra empty luggage to bring it all back! Thanks for the tip-off - my husband thanks you too - not.

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