Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Too cute that I had to share

A recent photo of little mimoo from mothers day in her new Thula Thula top! 

check out her shop here as her clothing is just lovely and beautifully made too.


Mee a Bee said...

She really is a Little Mimoo!!!! she looks just like you :) Gorgeous!!!!!

Damn you missed my giveaway! and here I thought you just didn't think it worth your entering! don't miss the next one!

mimoo said...

thanks Jacqui, we think she is pretty cute too! i am bummed i missed your last one I do not know what is wrong with my brain at the moment or always?? ha i will def be online to check out tomorrow mass giveaway! yipee.

Greer (MefeArt) said...

Your little girl is absolutely adorable.

Little Diva said...

I was pretty excited that I won the Mee a Bee giveaway and no doubt my girls will love the bag. I think they will just have to take turns - sometimes they get one each of the same thing and they still manage to fight over one of them!! P.S. Little Mimoo is just sooo cute..

thula thula designer said...

Another thula fan, she is super cute! thank you for sharing the pic with everyone

Sandrine said...

A very cute little mimoo I agree;)

Anonymous said...

ah, she looks so cute! love the top :)

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