Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I made something besides mimoo stock

I recently purchased this gorgeous bag from my friend at Mee a Bee as she claimed it was a second and I snapped it up.  It is beautifully made and I love the bear fabric and it has pink and white spots lining (I think I purchased it for me rather than little mimoo but anyway..)

Well, she sent along with my package the cutest Miffy the rabbit fabric. Little mimoo loves Miffy but so does her friend Molly Rose, my best friends daughter, so I thought seeing as little mimoo is really spoilt by having not one, but two Mee a Bee creations I thought I would use this fabric to make Molly Rose a little bag of her own.  My best friend is due to have her second child tomorrow so I thought she could give the little bag to Molly Rose from the new baby as she loves bags ( dont we all??). my 'efforts' are shown below. Nowhere near as nice as Mee a Bee bag but I tried my best! the bag is lined with cute pink gingham. what girl doesn't like a bit of gingham I say.


Mee a Bee said...

That is GORGEOUS!!!! very clever, you are! I must tell my friend since she was the one who gave me that fabric. Her two daughters have placemats and things made out of it. Noah had Miffy bedsheets and a Miffy cot when he was a baby, I love Miffy. I made the sheets myself (secretly I'm keeping them ;)

And what do you mean I "claim" it was a second!! Your choice of words has me laughing in my seat. THANK YOU though for saying such nice things about Mee a Bee.

Congrats to the new big sister who will be getting a lovely new bag!

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