Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New mimoo winter stock.

For the chilly winter months ahead and one of the first mimoo products I did last winter was pram/stroller blankets.  Last winter when little mimoo was still a baby she thought it was a fun game to pull her shoe sand socks off whilst on our morning walks leaving her little tootsies exposed to the elements so I made up some stroller blankets and gave some as gifts for friends new babies.

When I moved back to Australia and started looking around for a little blanket once it started to get a bit cooler, I was amazed to only find a sea of disney branded cheap junk or realllllly expensive 100% wool blankets, which were NOT machine washable. so I have made my own using 100% cotton top side vintage-y looking fabric and then the underside being cosy cotton flannel. I love the two fabric choices above especially the colourful tulip print which is backed by a hot pink flannel.


Mee a Bee said...

I love these fabrics!! Would look great on my couch - not for baby!

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