Friday, May 15, 2009

New to mimoo HQ

I am making these just in time for the 'chilly' weather ahead. When little mimoo was born in the UK, it was Christmas time and very cold indeed, in fact the day she was born they closed the entire Heathrow airport as the planes could not land due to frost! very rare for this to happen!! anywhoo I digress, when we brought her home from hospital she cried and cried and I thought it was because she was cold but our kind next door neighbour (who clearly was not getting any sleep either!) knocked on our door and gave us a pile of these flannel blankets and showed us how to wrap the little mimoo up tightly and surprising she sleep very well after that (at least for a few weeks!)

You can use them as nursing cover ups or even spillage wipes I guess (way too pretty for mopping up that muck I say!)

How cute are the flowers!! You can purchase them here at


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