Sunday, August 2, 2009

mimoo goes to the (monthly) market

Sorry for lack of posts this week but little mimoo and I have been having such fun (think she is sick of the sight of me!)and I have trying to do a few home projects,trying to get the house organised and trying to install some sort of routine for mimoo HQ to go forward. (Note the use of the work trying!!)
Thanks to all the fellow bloggers who left me some nice comments as I love getting comments. 

Mimoo HQ will be heading off next weekend to the Boutique monthly markets so if you are in Brisbane please come and say hi. I really enjoyed the last market we did because as a stall holder you get a 3m X 3m space and you can decorate however you like, just like your own little (um) boutique I guess is the word, so mimoo is trying to think of some cute and different ways to decorate the stall for this weekend. I will promise to take photos this time!


Mookah said...

Look forward to the photo' seeing what others are up to!

Tiny Concept said...

Hope to make it this weekend - I will be sure to come by and say Hi - Good Luck!

mimoo said...

thanks Tina and do stop by and say hi! :-)

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