Tuesday, August 11, 2009

market times....

I have been very lazy this time around and have only gotten around to unpacking all my wares from Sundays' Boutique markets. Unfortunately it was not the greatest day sales wise as it was not a huge crowd but hopefully it will grow in the future and the people of Brisbane will support some home grown talent. 

One nice lady who bought some of the mimoo jammies range said she would in the future only buy gifts for her friends having babies from markets and handmade online stores rather than shopping centres so as to support local people! Isn't that nice? I told her to tell all her friends to do the same as all we need is for one person to tell another person...... sadly a not so nice person stole one of my jammie tops! unbelievable! I just dont see how it would happen as the tops and bottoms are pinned together, but I guess there are some crafty types out there and I dont mean crafty in a good crafty way either!  

Besides who would steal a babies size 1 top from mimoo and then pass it onto another a child- talk about bad baby karma.


Jogirl said...

Hey there,

Complete bummer about that top hey! I have signed up to do the market till the end of the year, I think we all need to give it a fair go hey! You know what I think I got something pinched as well..pretty sure as I was one short at the end of the day..doesnt that just bite the big one..thanks for a great day and being a great neighbour and helping me get that wretched tent up and drinks you and your mum rock..so

Hot Fudge said...

There are some really strange folk out there - it makes you wonder what they have in mind. But think of it this way - someone really loved your beautiful work so much that he/she had to have a piece for him/herself.

Mee a Bee said...

that sucks about the theft but nice comments from that lady.
I am a big believer in karma. what goes around comes around for sure.
just wondering how you are, popped into your etsy store the other day and saw you were on a break.

Mookah said...

I'm a firm believer in giving markets a fair go, you can't just do one or two and rule it out, and they can't possibly grow if the stallholders don't support them. Better luck next time and bummer about your stolen jammy top, hope it at least went to someone who really needs it and will love it.

RaspberryPink said...

I think it was because it was so cold on Sunday that not many people were there. I only made about $20 before 11am when it started to warm up a bit. No-one wanted to stand around in the cold wind looking! I ran out briefly to get some coconut ice and ran back again!

Really sucks about the theft. It's not enough that you go to all the effort to buy supplies, make things, buy or make market displays, pay market fees and get up early on market days, then someone decides they have a right to have something you made for free. Bad karma indeed.

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