Monday, August 17, 2009

Meet the parents Challenge 12

Latest challenge from blogthis .

This is my Nana and me at one of my brothers weddings way way wayyyyy back in 1994 
(OMG check the eyebrows and do not get me started on the matching pearl set.....good lord!)

I just really love this photo as it was such a happy day for our family as my nan got sick soon after and managed to struggle on with cancer for another 6 years before she passed way when sadly I was overseas and did not get to say goodbye in person.

I loved my nan as she was such a big influence on me and my brothers life growing up.  It was my nana that taught me to love all things craft and sewing and showed me that you can 'mend and make do' with all things in life, which I like to think I am carrying on with my little mimoo to this day. 

She loved watching the cricket, the Broncos and was a mad keen bowler (Ladies President of Bardon Bowls Club 3 years running- unprecedented!) and was just an all round good decent person which I also like to think I am carrying on and will pass onto my little mimoo one day.

She always used to say that 'you can have all the manners in the world, good grades, good at sports,be a good catholic (?!), but if you are not a decent kind person to others you will not get very far in life'......


dixiebelle said...

My grandmad was also a very resourceful person, and taught me how to make the most of things we have... how lucky we are to get to spend time with great role models like that, and now we can be great role models for our children and grandchildren!

OurGangof7 said...

Nannas are so special aren't they!!
They really do teach us how to be more resourceful and not be so wasteful.
Great post!!

JasperBoy said...

Lovely Nana, you both look gorgeous! (I mean it!!).

Jen in Melbourne

Bec Hem said...

beautiful photo and a beautiful memory! aren't grandma's wonderful?!

...Mrs.P! said...

You're Nan sounds like a very wise woman!

mum.toddler.babe said...

What a great memory!!

dixiebelle said...

LOL, just re-read my comment & no, she wasn't my grandmaD... oops, typo! She was far from mad... very sane, down to earth, resourceful and caring!!

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