Saturday, August 29, 2009

Recent online purchases..

cute cupcake wrappers
little mimoo suitcase for sleepovers at grandmas
A little Smelliphant for friends baby from madeit
hairclip for moi for summer nights ahead
a  hat for little mimoo - too cute
I have realised I have not blogged since weds and this is the reason why?? late night online shopping. anyone else suffer from this terrible affliction? I am usually really good with not buying online but recently after reading about recent online purchases from Lovestamp and mama loves to shop I simply could not help myself. I blame these girls!!!


Jogirl said...

oh i am so sorry, i know it is awful isnt it, but I am addicted, going to have to go to "shop on line in my pyjamas late at night anonymous!" x

kelly said...

ahhhhh hello - that is the story of my life!
While I am waiting for something to save on the computer I skip windows over to a store and buy a few metres of fabric or some supplies from etsy! I am shocking.

Imagine if my computer was really slow to save - OMG I would be broke!

JasperBoy said...

It only takes a few taps on the keyboard, yet you can do so much damage to your credit card!!

I heart online shopping.

Jen in Melbourne

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