Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can exercise make you feel sick?

I have recently embarked on a new fitness regime and I had another weights session at the gym this morning and I have felt sick all day! plus I can barely type now due to aching arms.

I have recently started following another blogger MamaKat who has recently lost over 25 kgs and still going, way to go I say !! but she has inspired me to get off my backside and do something about it too as she has 3 small children to look after,works the family budget in an extremely impressive way down the last cent, cooks, follow the weight watchers program and still fits in a heck of alot of exercise each week, so really I have no excuse!  Anyone else out there embarking on a new fitness program or give me some tips how you work exercise into your day??


Mookah said...

Wish I had some great advice for you, but I too was discussing with my sister today about how I 'HAVE' to fit some excercise time into my daily routine. I have let it lapse over last 6 months and I can feel it and see it.

Get's a bit easier here with spring around the corner, but that doesn't help you. My best advice is to find an excercise buddy, it makes it so much easier and the time flies...

shel said...

Hey guys, it's great to see your looking for ways to squeeze some exercise in to your busy lives. It can seem really difficult particularly when you have children and/or work commitments, but you dont always have to make it to the gym! Go for a walk - a brisk 20/30mins is great exercise. You can do 15 mins 2/3 times per day at home and still see the benefits, write yourself a little programme to follow eg: (perform for 1 min each) - skipping, burpees, press ups, jogging on the spot, step ups (everyone has a step somewhere in the house) crunches etc and you can make yourself a nice challenging little workout!
hope this helps. xx

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