Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A special gifts story...

Above is Le Tousserok, Mauritius

The latest blog this challenge.

I thought rather than list something I want I would share a special gift story as I really do not need or want for anything as I am just so grateful for having such a nice life when others have so little or have it much worse than me.

So for those who are regular readers will know that I spent a long time over in the UK and I cannot tell you how much I miss the above beauty products, Jo Malone and Molton Brown London. I used to work for an investment bank in the city area of London and I was lucky enough work in a building opposite these gorgeous flagship stores and whenever I was having a bad day (which was often) I would stroll across in my lunch break and purchase a little treat for myself, which many a time I would have to store in my desk drawer for weeks at a time so not to rouse an angry response from hubbie as our bathroom was already filled to the brim with the above!! 

Well when we got married back here in Australia in 2003 and we had to return to the UK for our work we wanted somewhere to honeymoon halfway between here and London so we settled on Mauritius (hard choice I know!) and we stayed at a divine place called Le Tousserok and had a suite right on the water.  Every day at some stage the new hubbie would present me with a gift box to open and I received some lovely goodies from these stores and assorted others for all of the 10 days we were away! One of the treats was a Jo Malone mini candle box set and I have used all of them except for one which I said I plan to burn on some special wedding anniversary. 

Anyway I know for a fact he got this idea off someone at his work at the time which doesn't matter as it is the special things he bought me that count! Ha 

My heart melts everytime I think of this story and the little cards he wrote to me to accompany the gifts as lord knows I do not receive any such gifts these days, ahh you gotta love the honeymoon stage.


Mookah said...

Oh god....this makes me think I want/need one!!!! (Hubby I mean)

Kathryn - MamaBoo said...

What a sweetheart! I've heard about those candles but never owned day!

carly_grace said...

precious story.

Anonymous said...

Romance is not dead! Really appreciate what you said about being blessed and not wanting to just want more stuff :)

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