Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yesterday was an especially sad day for mimoo HQ. It was the funeral of our dear friend as he was laid to rest as many many balloons were let go (this is not a direct photo obviously) into the sky....cancer is such a awful, awful disease.  This lovely man was a happy 'healthy' family man 6 short months ago and now he is gone. 

An even sadder thought is that I am sure this will not be the last time mimoo HQ will be faced with someone's life affected by cancer, so I have decided to join forces with loads of others women and their families and compete in the Mothers Day Classic fun run (the run part I hope means walk)!  If you feel in a generous mood you can go over to Stepforddreams sponsor page as it all goes towards the same cause and she super organised and has a page already set up!

Thanks to everyone for your sweet messages as it did cheer me to read them :-))


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