Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Working too hard at mimoo HQ

My apologise for the lack of posting as I have been working very hard to fill some belated orders and also working on some new products in time for winter. 

However little mimoo must get her daily outing and every Tuesday we head over to a local playgroup called 'Gumnuts'.  Brisbane weather has turned a little 'chilly' in recent days so I was very excited to be able to give her new Ivy Designs cord trousers their debut into toddler society.  The lovely Wynona even popped in an extra cute brooch into her gorgeous packaging and the trousers are so beautifully made I wish she made adult sizes....

(ps excuse the scuzzy silver faux crocs this 'cold' weather has caught us on the hop! Need to get online and order some new enclosed shoes for little mimoo)


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