Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lest we forget

Today little mimoo and I baked some Anzac biscuits whilst mr mimoo went to the races and punt on the horses and play two up for a good friends bucks day!

One bad part of our day was witnessing our sweet next door neighbour, Noel who is 88 and served in the Navy for 2 wars. He was slowly (everything is slow at his age!!) reversing out of his driveway and some idiot came tearing around the corner road and had to slam on his brakes and stop to let Noel put the car in drive gear and turn onto the road and what did the idiot do?? He sat on his horn and yelled abuse at him!! How sad that on a day like today of all days some young scum cannot show a bit of respect to an kind and decent man who fought for this country to enable him the freedom that he enjoys on a daily basis...(ok rant over!)


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