Friday, April 3, 2009

Are you over Oz appalling lack of cute haberdashery?

I stumbled upon this blog/store a little while ago called The Habygoddess - what a great name! It is not your typical online store as it is set up as a blog with an online store attached where she basically lists all things as they arrive at her store and make little kits to sell, she also has weekly specials and introduction sales of really cute fabric. The Habygoddess sells the cutest things which are not really available to us in shops anymore due to a certain 'cheap fabric invasion and run everyone else out of business' nameless store (cough, spot.light cough)!!

I have ordered quite a few things from Jodie at The Habygoddess and the service is always great and you get things really quickly as she obviously realises that when you order something with a project in mind you have to have, like now!


Jodie said...

Thanks so much for your mention, I really appreciate it!

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