Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good to see I am not the only without a life!

I was catching up on some of my blog reading today due to the dismal Brissie weather and I think I was still in shock at the rejection of 'Macca' in last nights finale of 'Farmer wants a wife', 

I was reading one of my favourite blogs littlebubble and tree and she too feels she is in shock today over last nights finale. well it seems we are not the only (sad lifeless) ones as tonight whilst I was giving little mimoo her bath I forgot to change the channel after the news and A Current Affair (I have not sunk so low as to watch this dire show nightly you must understand) anywhoo it had a story on the nations, yes the nations shock upon learning of the split of FWAW hot love couple Macca and Nerena and they interviewed them both seperately to see what happened. well to cut a long blog short Nerena walked out and went back to her ex husband and left poor macca standing on his porch alone but for his trusty dog. I think nasty Nerena just went on the show to make her ex husband jealous, seems it worked....


Chantelle said...

I think she did the same. I'm glad he found love elsewhere. x

kelly said...

Ooooohhhh nnnooooooo! God damn it I missed it, I was watching dirty old channel 7 with their crazy stories - actually not watching just hoping my husband wouldn't notice the tv on and i get to watch Home and Away while eating dinner!

She only went on for the attention like you said to gret him jealous. Macca was lovely, and his boy loked really nice too. What about Riley from Qld?? She was a dodo bird just looking for the attention too.
I am so going on it next season! My husband has given his blessing - I just come with a little baggage that's all!! ha ha
mmmm I don't know if I could wear a cowboy hat though....

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