Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stepping back or stepping out????

We here at mimoo HQ have decided to close our Etsy and madeit stores for a wee while to concentrate on this 

and this

As I am sure some of you will agree with me, running an online business where you are the designer and manufacturer etc,  it is unbelievably time/life consuming and I am feeling that it is taking over my life and that of little mimoo. 

I love being a stay at home mum but lately there has been alot of babysitting being done by the live in nanny called Foxtel,which is something I vowed I would never do.  As Naomi over at Thula Thula recently posted about, finding time to balance everything out is proving difficult for me too, due to little mimoo having extremely erratic sleep times. I just dont know how everyone does it and I only have one child!  Since I started mimoo on etsy times have moved just so quickly, with facebook, twitter, blogging all requiring daily updates on top of just the general day to day housekeeping with your online stores.

I just think I need to take some time out to recharge, do some exercise, have lunch out occasionally with mr mimoo and some friends when I am baby free and not madly rushing around running mimoo errrands, but more importantly taking time to enjoy my scrumptious little mimoo as many people tell me in a blink of an eye she will be off to school and will be refusing to hold my hand...kill me now....

I would be interested in hearing how other people do it???? I will still be blogging almost daily but just with new interesting topics as I have a few new projects on the boil..... and before you ask no, I am not pregnant and I will still be doing the monthly Boutique Markets over at portside and joining the lovely ladies of BrisStyle for upcoming events just not the online stuff for a couple of months. 

sorry epic post is now over I just wanted to put this in writing more for myself to re-read back on in the weeks to come when I get twitchy fingers!

New treat for mimoo HQ

After doing 3 market weekends back to back I decided it was time to treat mimoo HQ to the above book! 

Meet Me at Mike's craft project book I cannot tell you how cute it is and every page is just divine... I have been hankering after this book for a while but at just under $50 it was definately on the wish/treat list, but I can say it is worth every cent as the projects are just endless and perfectly described, My first project is a pair of cute baby shoes, so I will let you know how it goes.....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tea Pony Giveaway

I absolutely love the childrens' clothing label Tea Pony and they are having a giveaway over at their blog. Check it out as I just love everything they do, in particular the Bell and Boo printed dress (below). I tried to buy for little mimoo last summer at a local kids store but they did not have one in her size and were very evasive about getting another one in.(snooty shop assistant) so I just left it but to my delight she has an etsy store too! yeay.

mimoo mantra monday

Giving up is always harder then trying! -Rev Run

(*apologies to the regular readers as my post have been little scarce over the past week but I am back on top of things this week (hopefully!!!)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Market times, it's a wrap....

mimoo had a great day at Mathilda's market and it went so quickly as I barely had time to stop and then looked at my watch and it was almost midday!  Such a great crowd showed up and spent away which is always a plus!  Check out some piccies over at lovestamp and Tiny Concept as I got to meet and greet the lovely owners on the day and they were clever enough to take pictures unlike moi, plus quite annoyingly I forgot my business cards as well! I was hoping to have a bit of a break this week but I have a few post market orders to fill...always good though.

Monday, July 20, 2009

mimoo mantra monday

If you want to avoid criticism... Do nothing... Say nothing... BE NOTHING...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

mimoo at the markets - Again....

This Sunday we will be showcasing our wares at Mathilda's Market. This is a fabulous niche market that offers unique, stylish and affordable baby & kids goods that are lovingly handmade or of limited production. The retailers are hand pick to ensure an exciting product range. You will discover a vast variety of funky, unique and gorgeous clothing (for example organic cotton, vintage, 70's, etc) wooden letters, canvasses, soft & wooden toys, soft leather shoes, room decor, bags, paintings, fun & personalised accessories, vintage-inspired products, handcrafted jewellery, fairy & dress up costumes & accessories, hair accessories, linen, sleepwear and so much more! And all this for your little ones ... it's a kid's shopping heaven. Most of the retailers do not have a shop front, so you know you'll find something special, not available anywhere else. Please come and see our stand THIS SUNDAY at Mathilda’s Market from 9am to 1pm at the Brisbane City Hall, B/w Adelaide & Ann St, King George Square, Brisbane City. Entry is free and parking is available under the City hall (fee applies). With well over 60 retailers and yummy food, this will be a fantastic day out for young & old. For a sneak preview, have a look at the website (www.mathildasmarket.com.au) and enjoy a browse through the photos of all participants. I look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A little lady on the go!

Just wanted to share with you one of little mimoo's recent purchases.  Her gorgeous bag is from Jacqui at Meeabee and despite its small appearance it does actually hold a (mimoo) nappy wallet, her maisy sigg water bottle and 2 different types of snacks for morning tea time and 2 hankerchiefs for (constant winter) runny nose...  check out Jacqui's cute bags and website here.

Weekend market , two down one to go!

As you know mimoo was at last weekends fabulous Boutique Markets.   The markets also coincided with a coffee and chocolate festival so it was busy day all around us!  I really liked the set up as we all had our own marquees so it felt like a little shop of my own, the only downside was we had covers up all three sides so we could not really chat to the people next to us which was a bummer as our neighbour was the lovely Jo from Lovestamp who does some really really nice silver jewellery(dropped major hints last mothers day but was in vain -sniff). It was great day even though I did not sample any chocolate!  Next stop Mathildas market this sunday...

Monday, July 13, 2009

mimoo mantra monday

 “Perseverance is not a long race – it’s many short races one after another" - Walter Elliott

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Boutique markets anyone??

mimoo is attending this weekend's Boutique Markets at Portside, Hamilton Wharf.  Come along and say hi if you are in Brisbane as it coincides with a coffee and chocolate festival at the same venue so hopefully lots of people high on caffeine and chocolate will stop at my stall and buy up big and I can retire.... ha just kidding as obviously I do not condone shopping under the influence.... It starts at 8am and goes until 4pm (yikes! I may need something caffeine assistance myself)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

15 facts ....

The latest challenge from Blogthis.

  1. My favourite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's
  2. One of my favourite books is Summer at Tiffany by Majorie Hart
  3. I have an original movie poster from Breakfast at Tiffany from 1961 (yes,mildly obsessed but have been cured!)
  4. I am a mum to one cute peach of a child
  5. I love her hugs and when she says the word mummy (except in middle of the night - see below)
  6. I wonder if I am ever going to get a full nights sleep ever again
  7. I lived in London for almost 10 years
  8. I loved every minute (well almost) 0f it
  9. I used to live in West London in the same street as Helen Fielding who wrote the Bridget Jones novels and at about the time the first movie came out, Helen had since married her Mr Darcy and had just had a baby and I used to see her roaming the streets late night with her pajamas on under her coat with the baby in the pram trying to get it to stop crying, whilst I was the one falling out of black cabs drunk  with my friends- ironic really.
  10. I miss falling out of black cabs drunk
  11. I like sunshine and I like snow and love love love them together
  12. I need a holiday
  13. I like sewing
  14. my nana taught me to sew when I was a little girl so I could avoid playing outside with my brothers who used to constantly hit or tackle me
  15. I miss my nana

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nice mimoo is back

ha.....After my rant last night I have returned to my usual sunny disposition,shame the Brisbane weather has not, but I just wanted to show off my goodies that I purchased at the very end of the now infamous winter BiDM....

The above goodies are the cutest handmade cards from Denim Days and they beautifully made from the cutest patterns, so I cannot wait to use them and the second photo is the gorgeous 'monster' from The Seamstress and the daughters with her funky vintage fabric pants! too cute.....

Monday, July 6, 2009

BrisStyle Indie Designers market check!

A fabulous day was had by all at the first winter BiDM! It was such fun and it sounds like most people had a great day of sales which is great news all round including mimoo. Amanda from Twinkle Star Art has set up a flickr page of some stalls so check it out here , plus she did the cute collage above.(thanks Amanda!) 

It was nice to see some great other BrisStyle gang members but I was sad not to get around to everyone to say hi but the crowds prevented me from doing so as at one stage there was a line up to just get in the door! thanks to the lovely ladies who manned the 'reception desk' as they did a brillant job and everytime I went past it was at least 3 people deep!!!

It is so nice to meet people and hear nice things about your products from customers and browsers alike but sometimes you really do just want to just slap some people. 

I overheard one lady commenting at a neighbours stall that ' oh a friend of mine makes my son some long pants and they cost her $5 and she could sell them for $20 so it is all too easy to do this' ummm yeah right it is all so easy is it?

let me tell you something lady, the time it takes you to go out and buy the fabric, the cost of the fabric, the cost of the elastic for the waistband, the time to make the garment, to pay the stall fees, organise tags for your products, going to the bank to organise a cash 'float' of  yet more of your own money, packing up my products to transport to market location, getting up at an ungodly hour for a weekend, unpacking and styling your stall, standing there for most of a WEEKEND day, relying on helpers so you can just visit the bathroom, yeah it is all soooo easy is it? 

I have been reading the feedback on our private BrisStyle google page and it is just heartbreaking hearing some of the stories of some of my felllow stallholders that have been exposed to rude patrons after working so hard on handmade quality products. I just ask anyone who may be reading this, next time you are visiting a market plus bear in mind the stall holders feelings when you look at their products and refrain from making dumb statements or man handling their products that they have spent many many late nights working on. PLUS,  the number of time I saw people grab softies from stalls and RUB THEM on their childrens faces and then put them back when their child did not react to wanting the product, I mean realllly could you be more thoughtless?????

It is funny though, as no matter how many times you gets nice compliments it is always the nasty one you remember... After many years of working on investment banks trading floors it is 'water off a ducks back' for me when it comes to rude insulting behaviour but it has made me more sensitive to others feelings who are perhaps not so immune..... think people think. ok rant over.

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