Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Market times, it's a wrap....

mimoo had a great day at Mathilda's market and it went so quickly as I barely had time to stop and then looked at my watch and it was almost midday!  Such a great crowd showed up and spent away which is always a plus!  Check out some piccies over at lovestamp and Tiny Concept as I got to meet and greet the lovely owners on the day and they were clever enough to take pictures unlike moi, plus quite annoyingly I forgot my business cards as well! I was hoping to have a bit of a break this week but I have a few post market orders to fill...always good though.


kelly said...

Oh damn to forget the business cards, I bet you were kicking yourself!
I will have a look at the pics, I love a good market!

Hot Fudge said...

I'm so glad it all went well for you. I have been flat out and missed it - hopefully I'll catch the next one.

Little Diva said...

thanks for the comment on my blog..

Tiny Concept said...

It was so lovely to meet you on Sunday. How fantastic that you are still filling orders - well done!!

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