Monday, July 6, 2009

BrisStyle Indie Designers market check!

A fabulous day was had by all at the first winter BiDM! It was such fun and it sounds like most people had a great day of sales which is great news all round including mimoo. Amanda from Twinkle Star Art has set up a flickr page of some stalls so check it out here , plus she did the cute collage above.(thanks Amanda!) 

It was nice to see some great other BrisStyle gang members but I was sad not to get around to everyone to say hi but the crowds prevented me from doing so as at one stage there was a line up to just get in the door! thanks to the lovely ladies who manned the 'reception desk' as they did a brillant job and everytime I went past it was at least 3 people deep!!!

It is so nice to meet people and hear nice things about your products from customers and browsers alike but sometimes you really do just want to just slap some people. 

I overheard one lady commenting at a neighbours stall that ' oh a friend of mine makes my son some long pants and they cost her $5 and she could sell them for $20 so it is all too easy to do this' ummm yeah right it is all so easy is it?

let me tell you something lady, the time it takes you to go out and buy the fabric, the cost of the fabric, the cost of the elastic for the waistband, the time to make the garment, to pay the stall fees, organise tags for your products, going to the bank to organise a cash 'float' of  yet more of your own money, packing up my products to transport to market location, getting up at an ungodly hour for a weekend, unpacking and styling your stall, standing there for most of a WEEKEND day, relying on helpers so you can just visit the bathroom, yeah it is all soooo easy is it? 

I have been reading the feedback on our private BrisStyle google page and it is just heartbreaking hearing some of the stories of some of my felllow stallholders that have been exposed to rude patrons after working so hard on handmade quality products. I just ask anyone who may be reading this, next time you are visiting a market plus bear in mind the stall holders feelings when you look at their products and refrain from making dumb statements or man handling their products that they have spent many many late nights working on. PLUS,  the number of time I saw people grab softies from stalls and RUB THEM on their childrens faces and then put them back when their child did not react to wanting the product, I mean realllly could you be more thoughtless?????

It is funny though, as no matter how many times you gets nice compliments it is always the nasty one you remember... After many years of working on investment banks trading floors it is 'water off a ducks back' for me when it comes to rude insulting behaviour but it has made me more sensitive to others feelings who are perhaps not so immune..... think people think. ok rant over.


Bec said...

Ooooh, what a frustrating story...One comment I really hate hearing people make is the "oh, I could make that myself". Well yes, maybe you could. But WOULD you? No you probably wouldn't. So the point is moot, if you ask me. Why even say it?
Ah well, luckily most people are thoughtful, encouraging and kind, and it is these lovely people that put smiles on our faces that make it worth enduring the occasional ignorant remark :)
As for rubbing softies on a kids face and then putting it back....oh no...yuk...such very very bad form...*sigh*

The Handmade Expo & Handmade Heaven said...

First of all congrats on such an awesome market...I am hearing the best of things about it and will surely diarise the next one.
We certainly know how you are feeling...we hear and see this every month...We say "ok, so can we book a stall for you next month"? They just LOVE that.
Chin up.


Little Diva said...

It never fails to astound me the things people say when surely they must know you can hear them!! I sometimes get people looking at my dresses saying "oh, I can easily make that". Well, good for you - off you go and make it! Luckily I get a lot more positive comments than the annoying ones!

By the way, thanks for your comments on my blog. See you on Sunday.

Christine xo

RaspberryPink said...

I was lucky not to have any negative comments or even hear any, I can't believe some people were so rude. Maybe it helps that I sell kits so people can buy a kit and make it themselves if they think they can!

I do have the touching problem though. I package up some things but everyone rubs their fingers over the barrettes to see if they're smooth 'cos of the pattern. It's part of the reason I have the bowl of beads too, keeps little (and big) hands occupied and they're hard to break. I had a couple of barrettes break on Sunday when they were knocked off the table :(

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being part of Saturday's success! And yes totally cool with using the montage :) I should post that on my flickr page too, just didn't think about it.

There's always those with silly comments no matter where you are. I just ignore and put those people in life's silly basket ;) Rubbing softies in snotty faces and handling art with grubby fingers is usually just plain ignorance. These people are unlikely to appreciate quality handmade workmanship :(

Mee a Bee said...


Jogirl said...

Hey there, are you attending the Boutique Markets this sunday? If so, see you there!
Jo @ Lovestamp

Jade said...

yes, many people are simply rude. or idiots, either way they should keep those kinds of comments to themselves!!!

great post - everyone needs a rant every now and then!

oh and my husband brought our little boy some Little Mimoo flannies and a cheeky monkey top - they are just soo cute on him!!! he's worn them to bed each night since the market - now there's NO WAY I could make PJs so awesome :P

here's to justignoring the stupid comments and focus on the good ones we all received:)

Hot Fudge said...

Well said. I was upset when I read some of the comments people made in front of the stall holders, both in your post and in some of the others. Thankfully I didn't encounter any of that nonsense on this ocasion (or maybe I will have to get my ears checked out). Contrary to what some of these ignorant people say, I am amazed at how reasonable the goods are, knowing how much blood, sweat and tears went into their making.

And I would love someone to try to return a softie to me once it had been rubbed into a snotty face!

Anyhow, forget them and concentrate on all the enthusiastic, friendly faces who far outnumbered these rude folk.

edward and lilly said...

Thankfully my softies that didn't sell were still clean by the end of the day but I tell you what if they weren't I would have been furious!!!

I was overwhelmed by Brisbane's support of our market so it's sad to hear some people are still so ignorant when it comes to the value of handmade.

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