Thursday, October 8, 2009

Well done and it proves that hard work does pay off!

Check out these 2 lovely features on my friend Jacqui's Mee a Bee products and blog!!!  As you might remember on  my recent visit to Japan I met up with Jacqui as she kindly offered to show me around some of Osaka's fabric places.  We had a great time (no way long enough) but as my brother lives there I hope it will not be the last time we meet, although she may be too busy for me on my next running her Mee a Bee empire!!

The first feature was on one of my favourite blogs called Kenziepoo. I love all her features as she had a really great decorating eye and her little one is cute to boot so check it out here.
then the second lovely feature is over at Bloesem Kids in their special open house tour here.
I really like this blog too. 
Congrats Jacqui as your hard work is starting to pay off!


Mee a Bee said...

You are so fab Tina! Thank you!!

We'll be there together, travelling first class as we jet over to New York for big Baby & Kid Trade shows!

Thanks for this!

PS package on it's way, but might take a couple of weeks, was a bit heavy.

thula thula designer said...

ohhhh, I love Japanese fabrics and how divine are these bags. I'm off to get a look.
Thank you to for the advice this week...feeling a weight lift off the shoulders.

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