Wednesday, October 28, 2009

mimoo hearts handmade

Sorry for the lack of posts this week as I have been beavering away for Mathilda's Market this weekend!

Speaking of Mathilda's, I received an email newsletter from the gang yesterday and they had an interview with the organiser of these markets and I really loved the answer she gave below. Check out the full interview over here.

"Why do you love handmade so much?
Nothing beats handmade. Handmade things tell a story that mass produced items just don’t. I love that people put their heart and soul into crafting a handmade item, and that it’s likely to be, if not completely unique, then certainly that little bit special. I also love the little imperfections you see in handmade things that remind you it didn’t come off an assembly line, but was made by a real life, flesh-and-blood person! Oh, and it’s so fun to watch the way people’s eyes light up when they receive something crafted by someone else. So many things to love!"


Little Diva said...

Did you get the email today? Looks like we're up for an early start. At least we'll have plenty of time to set up and then go and get a coffee! (or maybe help some of the others who are going to have waaayyyy less time to set up.... or both!!). See you there. Christine xo

Ange B said...

I am blown away. That is such a generous offer...thank you so much for your kind gesture. I am secretly going to be 'bumping in' earlier, or at least dropping the big stuff in at some ungodly hour of 6am...Im on my own for a couple of hours first up so any help is so much appreciated. Consider yourself a recipient of one of my handpainted decorations...for no reason other than being a giving human being. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday...until then...

Priscila said...

oh my gosh this is soooooo cute! !!! Great blog!

Come visit me and enter my giveaways! I have 2 going on right now :)

Vanessa said...

Great interview :)

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