Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday toot toot

I am tooting the mimoo HQ horn today as I have been working extremely hard on some new sets of jammies for the summer xmas markets. I dont really list that many jammies online as I find they sell best at markets but I will be listing more on my madeit.com.au shop very soon. 

These are one of the new sets and some of my new range of boardies I will be selling this xmas so get in quick especially for the red stars as I am almost sold out!!! ps If anyone has some good tips on photographing products please let me know as alot of it is trail and error at the moment!


Micky - Handmade Expo said...

Very cute... my boys love their jammies... and my littlest has the octopus.. loving them.


mimoo said...

Thanks micky! I am glad. hope business is going well

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