Thursday, October 15, 2009

mimoo hearts Japanese fabric

The lovely Jacqui over at Meeabee recently emailed mimoo HQ asking if we would like anything as she was going into town on her own to visit some craft stores. As a fellow mum I appreciate this so much as I know how little time Jacqui gets to herself and for her to think of others on her 'off' time is a reflection of what a nice person she is. plus she has got some really cute kids to boot!  

Now of course I jumped at the chance and Jacqui just sent me this package filled with goodies... I am so excited and I cannot decide which on is my favourite...which is yours? thanks Jacqui x


thula thula designer said...

I love the birdie one....I want some, the whales are cute too.
I adore Japanese farbric

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