Thursday, June 4, 2009

My recent etsy purchase what is yours?

I received this in the post a few days ago but have been a bit under the weather for any blog postings but better late than never I always say!!

This is a super cute print by Khiti. check out her store here. I am not very organised so I do not have a frame for it yet but I am going to frame it in a natural blonde wood colour with a white border and it is going to go into our bathroom. The colour is ocre/green and in the middle has cute little saying 'Find a happy place', as I thought it would inspire mr mimoo each morning whilst getting ready to go to work.  He is a financial client adviser for an investment bank so I think he needs all the cheering up in the world at the moment!!!! maybe I should send one to wayne swan...mmmn



Chantelle said...

I got a mini personalised clip board for the little girl I look after. It was a treat for reaching the highest reading group possible. She's come leaps and bounds at school this year. I'm so proud.

Love that print. It's very sweet. x

Susie said...

Beautiful print.

I love it.

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