Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Free book plates anyone???

I came across this link from Three buttons on the weekend and I had to share it with you. Orange you lucky is a really talented Canadian artist so get her free book plates if you are interested as they are super cute.

I remember the days before starting school our family room's pool table (hey it was the late 70's/early 80's) was covered in brown paper to cover our exercise books, my brothers would be fighting over the book labels you used get free out of The Courier Mail newspaper and I would happily sit there for ages choosing which ones to go on which book as being the only girl in our family I had my pick of the girls page!!! My favourite each year without a doubt was Wonder Woman.  



Sandrine said...

Hi little mimoo;)I just read your comment over at Christine, please do not get dishearted...If you really want to be there keep checking I am sure an opportunity will come, best of luck;) Sandrine

Little Diva said...

Those labels are gorgeous and yes I remember the good ole brown paper book covers and I think we used to get the name labels from the Woman's Weekly and Family Circle.. he he

Such a shame about the markets as I know your things would sell really well!! I can see their point too but what you'd be selling is different to anything else there.

Can they put you on a waiting list or something? Christine xo

Little Diva said...

That's fantastic news about the July Market - all worry over nothing in the end! I've taken photo's of all the new singlets and tops but it's just a bit slow to upload with dial-up at the moment. I think I might get some more of that apples fabric though as I love it on the singlet tops too!

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