Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Missed mimoo mantra monday

Sorry everyone as I missed mimoo mantra monday as I was not feeling very mantra-ish yesterday. I was feeling a bit like the above photo , due to the below photo!!

Mr mimoo and I went to a great friend of almost 20 years (scary!) wedding just outside of Scone in central NSW. I had anticipated that due to leaving little mimoo behind with her grandparents I had plenty of time for rest and relaxation and to catch up on a few magazines and maybe even start the book I had got out of the library weeks ago and have not opened. BIG mistake, as what I did NOT anticipate was that my other great friends of almost 20 years would also be childless and up for some serious party time..I needed to come back home to a toddler to get some rest - now that is a sentence I never thought I would hear myself say.....


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