Thursday, March 26, 2009

Become a member of Skout Trade Fair

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This site is fantastic place to check out! It has only recently been started by a lady in New Zealand but it is becoming a must have for home based businesses. The forums are great and inspirational to read as you get some great advice by people who have been there before you or just from others that are in the same boat as you. Just love it!


bubbachenille said...

I have joined but need tutorials to "get" how things work !

mimoo said...

It is a bit confusing at first as their is just so much there! Go to the members section and the forum are good. plus down the left side there are categories with everyone being members of different ones and if you wanted see what people do just click on the thumbnail pictures and it links you to their profile page. The you can invite people to be your skout friend also or send messages. hope this helps? :-) just potter about for a bit and you will get the hang of it!

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