Thursday, February 25, 2010


Something I have not done in a wee while is joining in on this weeks Blog This challenge. They are always great fun to get you thinking and also to check out everyone elses' posts.

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Well in light of the current Winter Olympics being held in Vancouver, Canada I thought I would reflect on my last ski trip.(sniff sniff) These photos were taken in Chamonix, France in February 2006 and this was our last ski trip as little mimoo was born 9 months later - you do the maths.....I dream of the day when I do this again even though I was not particularly good at it!


miss carly said...

WOW. i have never been to the snow. sounds like it was a really good trip ;) hehe. xx

Hot Fudge said...

Looking super cool - you look completely at home on the snow. It's also very timely, as we have just won our second Gold Medal. Yay!

Shelle said...

i'm sure it was not only a great place to ski but also a great place to reflect on. i find i do a lot of that now...of my days in Europe.

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