Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the bedside table...

I promised myself this year to starting reading again before bed or generally just more reading of books ie not magazines or blogs. I used to love reading and would go through a book a week when I lived in London as it was a lovely distraction whilst riding 'the tube' to work each day. It was a lovely distraction from the soot,filth,smell, yellings of a deranged bible 'reader', booze breath of some young upstart that thinks it is perfectly acceptable to stay out till 3am in your work clothes and just get straight back into the same clothes 3 hours later ready for 'work' oh I could go on....anyone seen that Gywneth Paltrow film Sliding Doors? well she has alot to answer for as in all my 10 years in London I did not spot a train or train station such as the one in that film all lovely and shiny and empty....truly only in the movies that one.... anyway I digress.....

I bought this book ages ago and I started it on the weekend and I am enjoying so far. I like Mia's blog and her style of writing so it is just something light and fun to get me back into the swings of things... I will post about it once finished and I would be happy to send it onto someone else so stay tuned!


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