Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Anyone wonder how they fit everything in??

Well check out this new blog/site I have come across called The Pioneer Woman. She lives on a cattle ranch, home schools, four kids, takes the most amazing photographs, cooks all her meals from scratch, whilst taking photos of her meals in a really great step by step process which is great for bad cook like moi and she released her own cookbook last year!

I am becoming quietly addicted. I made a soup she posted about here and it was so delicious. I just substituted some of the 'american' ingredients for aussie ones (what the ?? is half and half?? I googled that one!!)

She also has a whole section where you can take any of her high res photos for your own use.
(I hate it when people have narky instructions on their blog for 'using' their pictures but maybe it is just me who doesn't get that!)

And I wonder how I get everything done in a day????


Taybian Design said...

What a fantastic find! This is a completely AWESOME blog! Such beautiful images and sequential (from someone who hates reading a recipe). What a talented and marvelous multitasking mum!
Thanks Little Mimoo :-)

Hot Fudge said...

What are you trying to do to me? I thought I'd take a casual look at The Pioneer Woman (I mean, how great can she really be?). An hour later I'm back here with my head whirling, wondering what I did with all that spare time I had! I've put her in my favourites list - what a woman.

brusselsprouts said...

I have followed her blog for quite awhile now and though I love it I sometimes quietly hate her for being so darn good at everything!!!! She is an amazing woman and deserves the title :)

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