Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Xmas forgiveness

I hope you all will understand and grant me some xmas and new decade forgiveness in my blogging slacker-ness as the electronic gods were against me for the month of December as not only did my computer pass on but also my darling mimoo decided to mash my digital camera in a tub of playdoh whilst the lens was open and then decided she would be busted with it like that so closed the lens and hid it, with said playdoh drying and make the lens unopenable...the mind of a 2 year old is more sinister than I imagined, THEN my mobile phone decided to pack up...heavens.

plus not to mention a very sick little mimoo having to battle with her birthday celebrations and xmas all in one week, poor little lamb was exhausted from all that present opening and sugar intake...but anywhoos all is restored now and lovely santa/mr mimoo sorted a shiny new above for moi, yeay! I feel very carrie bradshaw-esque.(not)

I hope you all had a very joyous xmas and I for one cannot wait to ring in 2010. what about you?


bubbachenille said...

oooh my goodness, a ruff trot!
All for the best in the end, if you want a new one of something, give the old one to a two year old..Nice work!
Happy New Year !.

'Bellabjoux' said...

Ooh, you've been in the wars. Nevermind. A new year is just around the corner briming full of new & wonderful adventures. Ha , ha, just wait until she learns that it's not just poos that flush down the loo!!
Whay joy :)

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