Monday, November 23, 2009

Mimoo HQ is back!

little mimoo dressed by mooce (bought at recent Mathildas market- too cute and beautifully made!)

well sadly my beloved apple imac died a slow painful death and it has taken me a few weeks to accept this tragic news... and until I get a new one sorted and I will be 'sharing' with mr mimoo computer and as I lost all my photos and music I have been left feeling a little naked and not blog worthy.

However in my absence I was awarded a lovely award from Brusselsprouts! Thanks Mrs Brusselsprouts, I will think of my answers today and 7 others to pass it onto.

(ps people go to dick smith and buy a mini hard drive and back up your computer!!! I lost everything but am very lucky that mr mimoo had copy of all the photos on his computer. sadly however all my 'cool' music has been lost-although I think mr mimoo is quite happy about that )


thula thula designer said...

oh, I love this top

thula thula designer said...

You haven't offended me, I couldn't agree more...there is just to much back chat at Skout...I mean if you complain about no boy stuff, then turn around and say you wouldn't buy it anyway...I mean hello, we had a right to complain back. I'm just a bit vocal's one of those.

Mooce Baby said...

I was expecting Mimoo Mantra Monday and instead there is a picture of your cute little girl wearing my top : ) She looks adorable! Thank you for posting Tina.

Hot Fudge said...

Oh you poor thing. I can remember being hit by a major virus a few years back just after I had completed a major catalogue for our then business. I lost about two weeks of hard work, but it was a lesson well learned. I now back up everything onto an external drive and send family images to just about every member of the family. Our latest trip photos are also on DVDs.

Oh, and I love the top!

Vintage by LOU LOU said...

not the cool music!! oh no :( I guess you'll just have to hum and sing the tunes around the house...I'm sure Mr Mimoo will love you for it hehe!!

Anonymous said...
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jenny said...
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Anonymous said...


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