Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why do people blog?

I follow this blog called Matt, Liz and Madeline.  It is a really cute, sad, inspiring, funny, rude blog  (yes all those words and more) as the guys who writes it is raising his 17 month old daughter on his own after his wife Liz died a day after Madeline was born read about it here.

He lives in LA and just writes about his daily life and talks about when he gets flashbacks of his time with his wife, nothing too interesting but somehow it is a really compelling blog to read. His blog posts are always really long,with great pictures and lost of swearing as he vents alot of his sadness but mostly I think he is inspiring in the way he has had to just carry on for his baby's sake.  He started his blog intially so his family who he does not live close to can read about what he is up to with the baby but now he says it has turned into a story that someday his daughter can read when she is older so she can read about how much he loved her mum and how he coped, which I think is such a great idea as sadly as time does pass he may not be able to remember all the things he would like his daughter to know her mum.  Plus he has started a foundation in his wife's memory to raise money for people in the same situation who are not able to support themselves like he was. ahhhhh. 

Matt is so popular now as he has been on some talk shows in the US and is turning his blog into a book about dealing with his grief. He has just quit his job to become a writer full time and travel to India with his little girl for a while so I wish him all the luck! Check out his blog next time you have a cuppa tea.


Cat said...

Oh wow - thank you for sharing! xo

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