Wednesday, September 23, 2009

she is at it again!

more late night online shopping below.  Super cute Japanese fabric that I didn't need to sell one of little mimoo's kidney to buy (why is japanese fabric so expensive???)I bought these fabrics to make some little summer shorts for mimoo. will post the finished products soon

You can find the etsy store here.

How gorgeous is the lego-type blocks with the cute message down the selvage?? Why is everything the Japanese do so cute??
Plus I bought this London print linen tape as I thought I could trim some cute shorts with it in tribute to little mimoo's birth place


REread said...

cute, I have to stop buying fabric !! but there is so many gorgeous designs out there

Fallon said...

That fabric is fantastic! I often wonder the same thing about japanese fabric being so expensive...doesn't stop me from buying it though :)

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