Tuesday, September 8, 2009

mimoo rules the world

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One thing I would do if I ruled the world, I would make it mandatory for every person on this planet to sign and carry a card to become a organ donor. Everyone here at mimoo HQ has just signed up and received our donor cards which can be done all through medicare or online. 

Recently a couple who are friends of ours, he is an A&E surgeon and she is an ICU nurse recounted some really heartbreaking and frustrating stories. She looks after some patients who are in the final stages of organ failure after being on transplant waiting lists for years and he who sadly loses patients on his operating table is unable to 'pass on' organs to save another life because people are not registering to become donors.  

I cannot begin to imagine how heartbreaking it must be live each day not knowing how long you have left before your organs fail or worse to be a parent and watch your small child day in, day out suffer and know that there are people out there that could potentially help but due to ignorance and lack of public knowledge the unimaginable could happen.

On the other side of this and perhaps a bit more selfish is that in signing up our family to become organ donors, if something happened to one of them I would take great comfort in the fact that their organs has potentially saved 4 or 5 lives and also saved their families having not to say goodbye to someone they loved as well.

All you have to do is pick up a form next time you are at medicare or you can register online here.

okay I will get down off my pillar....


Cat said...

Oh now that is a supremely fabulous rule! I support you wholeheartedly.

Micky - Handmade Expo said...

You certainly do Rule. As I watch that show on TV, "The Gift" my heart just breaks but it also puts a smile on my face for the lives that have been saved through organ donation. I am now going to put a link on my blog to your blog so people can read and hopefully sign up. Thank you - even now, if you have just saved one life - you have won!


mimoo said...

Thanks ladies! God Micky I cannot even bring myself to watch that show as I know I would just howl myself to sleep that night! thanks for the link up

dixiebelle said...

So true... so sad. You would be a great ruler.

Joni said...

That's awesome. What a wonderful legacy for people to be able to leave. I feel so grateful that we live in a country where these things are able to be done so seamlessly.

thula thula designer said...

I'm a huge advocate for being a donor. Everyone in my family knows what i agree to and what i say no to in donating...I have a thing for my eyes being with me, the rest is free.
Good rule..agreed!

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