Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another fudge update??

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I forgot to mention that my little mimoo is obsessed with her new Hot Fudge dress that she asks to wear it daily and I always say no it is your special party dress but today I thought what the heck, why save special dresses for just special occasions as I think I should approach every day like it is a special occasion?
Much like that quote of using your good china tea cups and silverware for every day use. why not I say?
anywhoo this is little mimoo is her reverse side of the Hot Fudge dress. I cannot decide which is cuter? what do you think?


Kellyansapansa said...

Adorable! Both looks totally work for her :o)

Vintage by LOU LOU said...

2 for 1....I like it lots :)

Mooce Baby said...

I can't decide, both looks great - great dress!

jenny said...

Hey cute baby, Love to see you and your simple sight is so cute and I am just thinking of the smile that you might be having.
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