Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week away from the kids anyone??

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We have just returned from a blissful 5 days away in Melbourne minus little mimoo to watch the Australian Open tennis. This has been our first real trip away from little mimoo since she was born and whilst I missed the little cherub it was lovely to be away with mr mimoo, just the two of us and have lovely dinners, sleep ins, and have uninterrupted baths!

I would not say I am a massive tennis fan but I was lucky enough to visit Wimbledon numerous times during our time in the UK as I really love watching it live, plus it is always a bonus seeing the divine Patrick Rafter in the flesh, so much to my delight he was competing in the 'Legends' games and I had the added bonus of seeing him play doubles against the two woodies! Not to mention he was staying at the same hotel as us so I had the triple bonus of seeing him in the flesh up close, the only minus was he was in the company of his equally gorgeous wife.....ha


Hot Fudge said...

Melbourne - just as well I'm not the envious type. I love visiting the city and would hop on a flight there any day, summer or winter. All this and Pat Rafter. Colour me green!

NotSewShabby said...

What Bliss!!! I too love Melbourne love the little italian restaurants and to see the Rafter Meister would have been even more bliss!

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